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We are pleased to announce that we are now scheduling Telemedicine appointments for Acne!

What is telemedicine?

-Telemedicine is the use of the telecommunications and information technology to provide clinical health care from a distance.

What does it mean for YOU?

-An innovative appointment with Dr. Goldgeier at your convenience in the comfort of your home, office or school.

-Quality at your fingertips

Call us today to schedule your visit or use our online schedule at

If there is an appointment time that you require, please call the office.

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* Fee Schedule as of 1-1-2017
* Ensuring Meaningful Access for Individuals with Limited English Proficiency 

As of March 28, 2016, a new NYS law will take effect for prescriptions written and filled in New York State.

  • We will NO LONGER be allowed to call in OR fax ANY  prescriptions into your pharmacies.

  • New prescriptions and refills MUST BE transmitted electronically.  You must tell us the name and location of your primary pharmacy.

Our colleagues are some of the most highly trained medical assistants in health care today.  We feature comfortable, state of the art facilities and easy access, no matter where you live or work.  We have a reputation for skillful diagnosis, artful facilities, and exceptional patient satisfaction.  We have a holistic approach to health care.  We integrate your dermatologic care with other disciplines, and customize your care for you. Some of the most prominent doctors in Rochester refer their patients and their families to us.

We evaluate and treat all patients. From cradle to geriatrics we are renowned for our ability to diagnose, soothe, and successfully treat all patients.   Click here to learn more

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