Mark H. Goldgeier, MD
Karen M. Landt, RN-C, MS,NP
919 Westfall Rd
Bldg A #200
Rochester, NY 14618   
p 585-244-4240
f 585-442-4767

Karen and Dr. Goldgeier together have over 60 years of experience as caring medical professionals. Our colleagues are some of the most highly trained medical assistants in health care today.  We feature comfortable, state of the art facilities and easy access, no matter where you live or work.  We have a reputation for skillful diagnosis, artful facilities, and exceptional patient satisfaction.  We have a holistic approach to health care.  We integrate your dermatologic care with other disciplines, and customize your care for you. Some of the most prominent doctors in Rochester refer their patients and their families to us.

We evaluate and treat all patients. From cradle to geriatrics we are renowned for our ability to diagnose, soothe, and successfully treat all patients. 

We are often called upon to see the most complicated and acute skin care problems our patients have; but we are experts in the care of all common skin conditions such as acne, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, skin and nail infections, and skin signs of medical diseases. 

We take particular pride in our efforts to identify and treat skin cancer precursors, skin cancers, and uncommon malignancies. 

Having honed our surgical skills at Cornell, Yale, and Rochester, Dr. Goldgeier directed and co-directed the URMC dermatologic surgery clinic and we now perform all of our surgeries in our Westfall Road facility. 
In addition to our expertise in diseases of the skin, hair, and nails .... we also provide sophisticated cosmetic therapies. We now have two lasers capable of treating most skin problems.