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A Message from Dr. Goldgeier about Friends of the Practice

I need to tell you why I have taken my practice and dedicated it to a new model of health care ….. and what it means for you and for your family.   This is an unrehearsed statement, unpolished, from me to you. I will do away with tight organization, grammatical rigor, and certainly linearity and parsimony.  I hope to tell you what I bring to the office and why I must re-dedicate myself to your care.

I grew up in the “projects” of New York City in a lower income blue collar family.  A chubby kid with absent athletic ability, diplopia, and some disturbing hints of future eccentricity, I was really only good at one thing.  I was smart.  I could out think, out learn, and out test pretty much anyone around me.  While other children were interested in normal kid stuff, I wondered about encyclopedias, religion, global politics, science, and medicine.  I dreaded gym class, bowling alleys, and softball.  I still get palpitations when I go to my grandkids’ baseball practice.

I adored my grandparents.  As a pre-teen I would compete with my grandfather in mathematical games.  I would try to beat him at calculations ….. he with a “slide rule” and me with my head.  My grandmothers were generous beyond belief.  One of them was dirt poor.  She would literally collect rubber bands and tin foil from the streets of New York and fashion them into homemade toys for me.  The other grandmother developed Parkinson’s disease after the worldwide Influenza pandemic of 1918.  Recognizing my G-d given gifts for intelligence, critical thought, and caring (yes, I am talking about an eight year old) they would say ….. “Mark, become a doctor and find a cure for Grandma”.  I watched my grandfather devotedly care for my grandmother through her years of relentless decline to her ultimate demise from advanced Parkinson’s.  In my very late teens and early twenties I assisted my own father in caring for my grandfather through his repeated strokes.  I learned about the intersection of intellect, discipline, knowledge, and compassion.  

At sixteen I entered college with emphasis on physics, mathematics, and biology.  As my fellow students did “college” stuff ….. I really had nowhere to go but the library.  I was young, socially inept, in hoc up to my eyeballs, and athletically challenged.  When they would invite me to go out for a 35 cent slice of pizza and a coke ….. I literally could not afford to.  I hid in the “stacks” studying, learning, wondering, analyzing, compiling.  I graduated at twenty summa cum laude.  I wanted to be a world famous mathematician but I was not good enough at advanced algebra to meet my own standards for success.  Pretty much as a lark, I applied to five medical schools.  I was accepted at six!  I chose the most difficult, most rigorously scientific, best regarded school ….. Cornell University Medical College.  Wow, I studied night and day.  I was surrounded by the brightest faculty and students anywhere.  They filled my head with a thirst for knowledge and experience that was insatiable.  I learned how to learn.  I dedicated myself to a lifetime of exacting self improvement for the care of patients.  I did everything.  I was everywhere.  From diabetic comas, to gunshot wounds, to every emergency procedure known to man ….. I was a member of the team that could do it all.

With great clarity, I remember so many moments from medical school.  I remember the first time I put a white coat on and walked from New York Hospital across the street to Memorial Sloan Kettering.  Strangers (New Yorkers nonetheless) made eye contact with me and smiled.  I remember the first time I walked the hallways of  Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital.  I felt I was impersonating a doctor because I could not do the things that “attending doctors” could do.  I would work long, long days and nights ….. sometimes around the clock ….. to acquire knowledge, experience, skill, polish.  I became friends and colleagues with the giants of medicine.  I took care of people.  I loved my patients.  I ignored the advice to stay remote …. I took it very, very personally when they suffered. I could “feel it” when they died. Although I wore the white coat and the mask of academic discipline, I developed an ability to “feel” illness in patients.  My instincts have very rarely failed me in medicine.  I won virtually every prize for academic and clinical excellence, leadership, compassion, and honor there was.

When it came time for residency training, I chose Yale.  Wow, I loved every second of being at the world’s best Internal Medicine and Dermatology training program.  I hated every second of my internship.  The hours were brutal (literally 115 hours of on your feet work every week).  The working conditions horrible.  The toll on your emotions, on your body, on your friends, on your family absolutely dreadful.  But the payoff was becoming an elite physician.  A healer.  I could take care of anyone and any set of conditions with incredible focus, constant attention, star wars science, and transcendent thought.  I was part of a team of likeminded individuals ….. the world’s best doctors, nurses, unit staff, transport staff, technicians ….. it was incredible.  And then I met dermatologists.  They were the smartest, most intellectually gifted, the most humorous, the happiest, the most clinically adept people I had ever known.  I changed track from Internal Medicine to dermatology….. but not until after completing three rigorous years of training in Internal Medicine and ultimately becoming board certified.  I worked three long years in order to be fair to my fellow residents (had I left prematurely, they would have had to “take up the slack”) and to broaden my experience.  

The Dermatology residency was magical.  I found I had an ability to “read the skin” that very few others in the world had.  I was mentored by the best of the best.  I wanted to be like them.  I brought my Internal Medicine work ethic to my Dermatology skills and after another three years of training, I looked for somewhere to be of greatest use ….. in teaching, in practice, in raising a new family.  

Enough of my story for now.  I must get down to work and attend to my practice.  I promise to continue each week to address the why, how, when, and what FOTP means to you .  What I can tell you is that for many of you this (FOTP) will be less expensive.  For each of you, this will mean great care unfettered by your insurance company, your ACO, your PBM, your ABC …. I will bring the full resources of my experience and of this office to you.  You will be better for being a friend of the practice.  More to come…………..

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Karen Landt and Dr. Goldgeier together have over 60 years of experience as caring medical professionals. Our colleagues are some of the most highly trained medical assistants in health care today.  We feature comfortable, state of the art facilities and easy access, no matter where you live or work.  We have a reputation for skillful diagnosis, artful facilities, and exceptional patient satisfaction.  We have a holistic approach to health care.  We integrate your dermatologic care with other disciplines, and customize your care for you. Some of the most prominent doctors in Rochester refer their patients and their families to us.

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