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Cost per visit: $220
Pay by: Cash, Check, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, Health Savings Account.

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Mark H. Goldgeier, M.D. Autobiography

Mark H. Goldgeier, MD is an award winning Dermatologist, Dermatologic Surgeon, and Cosmetics expert.  He completed his education at the University of Rochester, Cornell University Medical College, and Yale University.  He is fully Board Certified in Dermatology as well as in Internal Medicine, and is a Fellow of the prestigious American College of Physicians.  For almost four decades in Rochester he has taken exceptional care of patients and their families.  

Dr. Goldgeier developed “Friends of the Practice” as his exclusive Dermatology practice style.  Patients love the freedom to access comprehensive and expert care from him without limitation from insurance companies or hospital systems.  He provides incredibly valuable and personalized care with a healthy dose of respect for you and for your time. He will give you his undivided attention and won’t be typing while you talk.  You’ll be pleased that there is no need for referrals to see him, none of your time is wasted, and there are no repeated co-pays. He addresses each of his patient’s concerns. Dr. Goldgeier is the sole provider in this office; he won’t rush you, or limit your visit.  

After decades of academia, research, publications, teaching, and leadership, Dr. Goldgeier now concentrates exclusively on his patient’s well being.  Whether the needs are medical, surgical, cosmetic, or other, this is the one office for the entire family. From infancy to old age; from the rare and complex to the more common; from medical to surgical and everything in between, he will take care of you.  His is a service-based practice. 

Become a “Friend of the Practice”.  Our new facility at 2275 S Clinton Ave provides an indelibly warm, professional and welcoming atmosphere.  Dr. Goldgeier practices medicine as it should be practiced. His entire office earns your trust, loyalty, and appreciation.

Our colleagues are some of the most highly trained medical assistants in health care today.  We feature comfortable, state of the art facilities and easy access, no matter where you live or work.  We have a reputation for skillful diagnosis, artful facilities, and exceptional patient satisfaction.  We have a holistic approach to health care.  We integrate your dermatologic care with other disciplines, and customize your care for you. Some of the most prominent doctors in Rochester refer their patients and their families to us.

We evaluate and treat all patients. From cradle to geriatrics we are renowned for our ability to diagnose, soothe, and successfully treat all patients. 
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FAQ’S  about Friends of the Practice

How much will I pay?- We charge a flat rate of $220 for most visits. No surprises. We accept cash, check or credit card.

What kinds of service can I expect?- Little to no wait for the doctor, our office is always ready, waiting for you. You’ll hear the doctor and his staff ask, what more can we do for you? Of course we are still the finest dermatology office and Dr. Goldgeier remains the doctor’s dermatologist. New this year is the addition of reasonable medical, surgical, and cosmetic services at the time of your visit and at no extra charge. And you participate in your care more fully and may participate in a much broader range of services.

Will the doctor have more time with me?- YES! We have more time to lavish attention on YOU. Want to discuss your grandchild’s acne or eczema? Need to review instructions on products or treatment regimen? We can do that!

Can I have minor cosmetic treatments included in my medical visit?- YES! You can have skin tags, unwanted moles and brown spots removed simply and easily at no extra charge. Want to laser away brown spots, or have a peel for acne or

precancer treatment… SURE.(. . . see more) link attatched

The verdict is in!

Every one of the patients seen have taken our survey and have rated us superb in all categories! 100% have also recommended our office to friends and family. We thank you for your support!             


It's no surprise that many of Dr. Goldgeier's patients have similar stories about how he has helped them significantly when no one else could.  He is an amazing diagnostician and you can read just how appreciative his patients really are.

Article from the Journal of the Monroe County Medical Society
May/June 2019 written by Dr. Mark Goldgeier .
Mark H. Goldgeier, MD dba Clinton Crossings Dermatology, earned an MD degree from
Cornell University Medical Center in 1977 followed by two residency programs at Yale.
He moved to Rochester NY in 1981, and entered the private practice of Dermatology in
1983. For the past four plus decades he has been a leader in developing and
implementing superb medical, surgical, and cosmetic care to his patients. He has
engaged in meaningful original research, teaching, and collaboration with leading
scientists throughout the world. He has been a director, board member, and a medical
director. Over the past 23 months he has fully embraced independent, direct patient
care. He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology, the American Board of
Internal Medicine, and the American College of Physicians.
How did a classically trained, doubly board certified physician lose faith in our health
care system while at the same time increasing his passion for patient care…… and what
lessons are to be learned from his experiences. Dr. Goldgeier responds:
My career in medicine began in the 1970’s. We were doctors. We provided
personalized, lifelong, integrated care to our patients. We attended them across home,
office, and hospital visits. We formed career long attachments with like minded
respected physicians, both generalists and specialists. We set and collected our own fees.
Under managed care, doctors and their services became identically priced commodities.
Physicians felt manipulated and cheated. Patients received limited and less efficient care.
Premiums and co-pays, bureaucracy, and dissatisfaction skyrocketed.
Government regulations exploded. Newly minted accountable health care organizations
received vast sums of money. The private physician was disenfranchised.
Hospital systems declared war on each other. They purchased real estate, they beefed up
marketing departments, and they coveted and duplicated the most lucrative services.
They bought out the independent doctors, and fast tracked young residents into their
employed ranks. They acquired outlying hospitals, urgent care centers, visiting nurses,
laboratories, and radiology centers. Some saw hospital systems as a giant pyramid
serving an insatiable desire for money, power, and market share. They used electronic
records as virtual fences to keep their medical staffs, their patients, and their power inside
their walls. Physicians outside their electronic walls were isolated; their practices in
financial jeopardy.
Patients were “covered lives.” Doctors no longer had patients; hospitals owned patients.
We became just one of several classes of practitioners called providers, performers and
“leakage.” In Rochester, New York non-employed physicians all but disappeared from
adult primary care medicine. Although we doctors did not create this debacle, I believe it
is increasingly difficult to practice quality medicine under these systems. We know it.
Patients know it. Physician burnout is a nationwide epidemic. Something must be done.
We are doctors, members of the house of medicine and members of our communities.
We may be called allopaths, osteopaths, chiropractors, podiatrists, dentists, specialists,

generalists, etc., but we are in fact our patients’ doctors. Neither insurance companies,
nor hospitals, nor governments take care of our patients. We do. There is no way to, and
there should be no desire to, divest ourselves of our duty to care for our patients to the
very best of our abilities.
At the inception of 2017 I renewed my vow to be a doctor. Together with my staff and
our patients, we sought to eliminate any interferences, distractions, encumbrances in the
care of patients. We call this “Friends of the Practice.” In making this commitment we
must shed all insurances and hospital systems. We must listen to what patients truly want
and need. We must be expert, kind, and generous. We must serve our patients.
This is not a return to the nineteen seventies. The past is gone. Friends of the Practice is
the scholarship and heart of the past united with the technology of today. It is the
wisdom of our mentors together with fulfillment of our deepest commitments to
medicine. It requires a full commitment of heart, brain, and soul. It cures burnout.
We believe that patients have the right to address each of their concerns at each visit. We
recognize no difference between medical, surgical and elective issues. Our approach is
holistic. We expect each visit to be comprehensive and productive. We stand behind our
surgeries, elective procedures, and products. This is exactly what patients want.
So the first pillar of my practice is that I keep myself and my staff as technically skilled,
thoughtful, intellectually curious, and dedicated to patient care as possible. We maintain
the resources, talent, and time to lavish attention on my patients. This is most certainly
not a boutique practice. Rather, it is intensive, comprehensive medicine at its finest.
The second pillar is unbiased and unrestricted access. We see everyone, of any age, with
any skin condition, whether medical, surgical, or elective. We see the most complex of
medical illnesses as well as the more routine patient care. We are flexible and available
with early hours, late hours, lunchtime visits, Saturday Connection, home visits, and after
hours availability. We respect patients by being on time. Always.
Third, our patients are truly Friends of the Practice. We charge a solitary flat fee for
virtually all services. We are affordable; we average a 55% discount against what
insurance companies allow us to charge! If it’s important to my patients, it’s important
to me. I don’t seek to maximize income. We build a team for our patients. We reach out
to families. We coordinate regional care. We maintain relationships with leading
physicians and institutions literally around the globe. We refer to the finest hospitals,
laboratories, the smartest doctors, the best surgeons, and the best alternative health
experts regardless of their hospital affiliations. I am unconflicted and unrestricted.
Patients know our recommendations are based exclusively on what’s best for them.
Fourth, we accept no insurance, hospital system, accountable care organization, or other
outside interference. My patients trust me more than they trust them. We have not yet
figured out how to protect our patients from pharmacy benefits managers and prior
authorizations, step therapies, egregious pricing policies, etc..

We fully comply with all government licensing, continuing medical education and
Academy proficiency recommendations. We hone our medical, surgical, integrative, and
communication skills daily. Documentation is for the patient’s benefit; not for the
insurer, the government, or the hospital. This step alone frees up another 25% of our
resources to the benefit of patients. I have more time. My staff devotes themselves to
patients, not to forms, authorizations, and grievances. Everyone is happier.
Having lost faith, I could not continue practicing as I was. The “experts” were wrong.
They killed the “Rochester Miracle”. Patients, doctors and staff deserve better.
Friends of the Practice has required a huge amount of effort. We accepted considerable
risks in becoming independent. The change has resulted in a dramatic, though expected,
drop in practice income. I designed this practice model for my staff and my patients. In
itself, it does not address system wide or nation wide problems. It is one approach.
Sadly it is one of only very few solutions proposed in our community. It is one of even
fewer solutions that address the decline of the independent physician practice.
I am once again a Doctor. I believe my mentors would be proud of me.

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